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Friday, February 21, 2014

Why "De-Clutterin'" Ish An Evil, Evil Word! Warning! Beware!

Here I ish, playin' wif one of my favorite toys - it hads catnip innit, wash hand- made and had dose wonderpurr feathers on it dat I loves so much.  Den one day?  Vanished!  I heard somethin' about "de-clutterin'" and haven't seen it since in a long, long time.........
Dis wash my mostest favorite toy, Lamby-kins - we had a deep, deep furiendship, and den one day, dah "de-clutterin'" evilness happened.
Here I ish with another one of my favorite toys, my fleecie mouse toy, long gone now and if yew notices, I ish also sittin' on my beloved lamby-kins, who I always, always slept wif and den one day?  He wash gone!  I shtill dun knows what happened to him and hash neFUR gotten a PURRoPURR explanation about it....

Dun let'sh yer pawrents do thish to yew - it makes me feel like thish! Yesh, I gots lots and lots of other toys, and yesh okay, I does tend to destroy dem oFUR time, but pawrents should asks our PURRmission beFUR dey recycles dem or puts dem in dah washing machine and den dey falls aPURRt.  I finks dat ish what happened to Lamby-kins, and Meowmy just doesn't want to tell me - he weren't washable but she should have asked him furst.  Hide yer toys if yew efur hears yer pawents mention "de-clutterin'" - I dun knows what it means exactly, I just knows it'sh EVIL!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Playin' Fetch - It'sh Not Just Fur Doggies!

I wanted all my doggy furiends to see thish, so dey will feels totally comFURtable wif me. When Meowmy throws dah ball fur me, I brings it back to her...........

And den I waits fur her to throw it again - come on, Meowmy - I ish waitin' waitin' waitin'!  I wash about 8 months old here, (and yesh it'sh true, she needed to vacumn dah floor dat day, look at all dat catnip and shtuff, eesh!) - but I shtill likes to do it now dat I ish a grown up kitty boy.  I used to bring dah ball back to her oFUR and oFUR, like thirty times in a row, and drop it at her feet so she could throw it again and again fur me, but now I ish 7, a coupla times beeds fine. What ish yer favorite game to play wif yer pawrents or furblings and what ish yer favorite toy-toy?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

FURee Valentine Smoochie Smooches Fur Little Furiends

I'm all set for tomorrow - in fact, if this is a success, I plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this way allllllll weekend!  It's going to be furry yummy, errrrrrrr no I meant nice, yes, furry, furry nice!  I wonder if I should dip them in chocolate furst..........

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Ish Furry Confused Now - Catster Isn't Closing But Can We Trust Dem?

I dun knows, yew guys - dah latest noos ish dat Dogster and Caster ish going to sthay open now and dey ish not closing on March 3rd - so I ish doin' thish;

But den on dah other paw, I ish doin' dis..........What does efurryone finks?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Peaceful PURRtest And PURRsuasion aka Give Peas A Chance!

 Dis bed came in dah mail fur ush, and yew can see dat my brofur Roger ish already gaurding it beFUR it ish even outta dah box.  I hash a plan though, and yew will see how it works in dese lllustrations - I ish a totally pacifistic non violent kitty and good fings come to dose who waits.

See?  It'sh mine now and I neFUR even had to raise a paw!  MOL!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

We Beed Gettin' Ready Fur The Winter Olympics, Yeppers!

Roger Bleu here, and as a Russian Blue, I'm stoked they're holding the Olympics in my Motherland of Russia!  I'll let my brofur meow next, in that furry weird language of his - eeesh yew can hardly understand a word, seriously........

It'sh shtartin' tommorow - wheeeee!  Ish any of yew PURRticpatin', and if so, what ish yer favorite winter shport?  We likes nappin' a lot, but fur some reason that'sh not included dis year - that ish sho wrong, because we hash really been PURRacticing furry hard fur dat one........

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Tisket A Tasket, I Gots Me A Basket!

 A little teeny, tiny me.....

A few months later, gettin' bigger..........

And den me again, all growed up!  I loves that basket so muchie wuch, but even though we sthill hash it, I dun finks I can fit in it any more because I ish such a BIG boy now at 22 lbs. MOL!  It'sh nice to be big, but shometimes it'sh sad when yew can't fit into yer favorite things any when great big doggies sthill finks they ish shmall and tries to sit in human laps and shtuff.  Meowmy ish going to get that basket out tonight and see if I wants to try to get innit and take an embarrassin' pikture of me, but I dunno yets if I wanna, because it could be hoomiliatin' so we'll shee. I just dun knows yet.......