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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Weekend, Furriends!

Roger Bleu here, I'll be PURRsuing one of my favorite pastimes - the PURRsuit of great literature, sipping suPURRb catnip tea and hanging out with friends this weekend.  My little furiends are furry helpful because their tails make fabulous bookmarks!  We still haven't figured out how to add a "follow" badge to our page, and I'll be studying about that this weekend - eesh, our human is furry challenged aPURRently.  We've been adding our furriends to our reading lists on here, and that works PURRfectly, without a "follow" badge.

Humphrey Haunted here, and I ish going to be imPURRooving my orinthology skills wif furriends, close up and furry PURRsonal.  I hopes whateFUR yew does, yew hash a wunnerful weekend!  I finks there ish going to be some big game thish weekend involving humans running around fighting oFUR a funny shaped ball on that big moving picture thingy in dah living room, but my family ishn't into human sPURRts so we dun knows much about that.   Keep an eye out though, because I finks humans that watches those games usually hash shome furry tasty treats around during that, and sometimes they drops them accidentally on dah floor when the game gets exciting fur them, so be swift and grab those beFUR they notices, yesh!

What ish efurrypawdy up to thish weekend?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Be A Top Cat In Your Home - By Roger Bleu

Hello furiends, Roger Bleu here! I thought it might be helpful to all the furs out there if I posted a little instructional blog, with illustrations, on how to be the Top Cat (or dog) in your home. I am going to reference the use of cat beds as an example of how to assert yourself, in no uncertain terms MOL!  It works in regards to food and who gets to cuddle the most with Meowmy and in all sorts of other situations too. 

Here is my brofur Humphrey, reclining on one of MY cat beds, because of course, ALL the cat beds in our house are mine.   So ROOD of him!

As you can clearly see here, I am letting him know that his moments on that bed are numbered, if he doesn't get off it it and I mean NOW!  This is the point at which you want to really throw the evil eye at your opponent, and sometimes in my house, that's all it takes. He flees from me without my even having to lift a paw - try it!

And as you can clearly see here, victory is mine - it's really very simple, take the upper paw in all situations in your home, and you too can and will be a Top Cat or Dog. Please let me know if I can help you in any way with learning ninja wrestling or furbling flipping, as I am an ex PURRt at both. Ahhhhhhh this bed is super comfy and it's all MINE!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Hash A Space Ship, Yeppers!

The other day shomething furry peculiar aPURRed at our house - it wash furry disturbing......

What ish thish.........

I just dun noes.......

Heddo heddo, ish there any aliens in here, ish anypawdy home......??

I claims it ash mine now, yeppers!  It'sh sho comfy and snuggly and nice in here. One shmall step fur a cat, one giant leap fur all of cat-kind! I gots tuna sammiches and catnip cupcakes on board, who wants to explore outer space wif me and eat some of that yummy cheese they says the Moon ish made of?  We can get away from our hoomans fur awhile and escape all dat craziness goin' on at Catster and Dogster now.  I gots room fur lotsa more of yew in here wif me.....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smoking Ish Wrong, Yesh But Sometimes Yew Just Gots To

So today Meowmy tried to save all my photos from Catster/Disaster (the site ish going to be erased on March 3rd *hissss*) and yew knows what?  So fur, even though I hash 100 on there, they ish all locked down and we can't get them - so that hash driven me into Bogie mode and yew knows, I finks he would aPURRoove, I really does.  Being on the internet can be so stressful fur a kitty! So today I ish wearing my fedora and PURRtending to be a tough guy.

I ish just PURRtending to smoke, it'sh a candy/catnip cigarette - shhhhh dun tells anyone.......I hash lots more if anypawdy would like to join me.  =^..^=

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heddo - we ish two kitty brofurs who've been on the internet fur seven years now, and we has just moved here from Catster, because it ish on life suPURRt right now, beFUR it goes into a big black hole on March 3rd caused by corPURRate greed and silly humans.  We wants to stay in touch wif all our furiends from there and other kitties and doggies all oFUR the world - we ish just getting used to Blogger so be patient wif ush, purrlease - we ish furry happy to be here - MEOWLO!  We ish looking furwards to exchanging purrs with other furry furriends and venting about how challenging it ish to live with humans, sometimes!  By the way, my brofur Roger accused me of putting that lint on hish back in thish photo, but he's super paranoid and I did not!! 

We ish both incredibly handshome, I does have to admit - I ish the King of my cat tree here and my brofur ish testing one of the kitty beds Meowmy makes fur kitties in shelters - we always tests all the beds beFUR she donates them, and sometimes yew knows, we hash to test them fur seFURal hours and even days to make sure they ish PURRfect MOL!  We also helps her knit blankies fur them too, and I ish especially helpful because I lays on her knitting while she ish doing it!  WHY does she find thish annoying?  Humans is so furry strange.......