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Saturday, March 1, 2014

International Kitty Kapers

Roger Bleu here, international gentleman cat of the world - here to share just a few of our vacation photos from last year, when we visited the United Kingdom, a country where we cats are aPURReciated and treated to the very finest in dining, sight seeing and entertainment.

 The CAT-Thaneum Club in London has the very finest of catnip teas and fellowship.....

 Big Ben was a must on our sight seeing excursion - we're looking for pigeons here...

The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace was most exciting, even if my brother was clutching that booklet about it, which made us look like tourists, and still no pigeon sighting...

Peter Rabbit was a delightful host for our stay in at Beatrix Potter's house  although we were disappointed that Tom Kitten was away on holiday.

And finally, the very best part of the entire vacation - enjoying pigeons in Trafalger Square! Good things are worth waiting for.

On our way to the airport, after some posh shopping at Harrod's - don't tell anyone but we smuggled some of those pigeons back home with us past customs........Cheerio mates, I hope efurryone is having a simply smashing weekend!


  1. Whut an amazing trip! Luv da photos... but don't we already have enuff burds here in da USA??

    1. Thank you, dear Finley - I wish you could have joined us! Humphrey and I feel there can never be too many birds MOL, and we thought it would be nice to introduce our furiends to some imPURRted gourmet fine feathered friends.

  2. Looks like a pawsome trip! Did those pigeons still have their heads? MOL MOL!

    1. Next time you and Miss Jezebel must join us. You know, since we did smuggle them into the country, I PURRably shouldn't say too much more about it - top secret and all that, old chap!

  3. Hope evfurryone is ok there. Yu haven't been purrin much lately.
    Jus concerned fur yu's

  4. Oh gosh yesh, we ish just fine - we's been purrin' in a couple of our Catster groups and we finds Blawgger kinda confushin' - we dun really trust dem oFUR dere, but we hash some wondepurr furriends who we hash known fur years and we can't meow wif them here. Our trip to England post here didn't get much response so we ish just takin' a little break - we loves yew, Zoe!

  5. Replies
    1. I wish we had been able to visit you in Hungary, Missy! Next time we will, and take you with us to London. We can have catnip tea with the Queen.

      - Roger Bleu

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Buddy Budd - and Timmy Tomcat too! *waving* I hopes yew hash a catastic weekend!

      Love from Roger too!