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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heddo - we ish two kitty brofurs who've been on the internet fur seven years now, and we has just moved here from Catster, because it ish on life suPURRt right now, beFUR it goes into a big black hole on March 3rd caused by corPURRate greed and silly humans.  We wants to stay in touch wif all our furiends from there and other kitties and doggies all oFUR the world - we ish just getting used to Blogger so be patient wif ush, purrlease - we ish furry happy to be here - MEOWLO!  We ish looking furwards to exchanging purrs with other furry furriends and venting about how challenging it ish to live with humans, sometimes!  By the way, my brofur Roger accused me of putting that lint on hish back in thish photo, but he's super paranoid and I did not!! 


  1. Hello Roger Blue and Humphrey,

    I am excited to follow your blog.

    Queen Missy of Missylandia

  2. OMC, yew guys - we ish sho excited to see yew and so thrilled to have yer furriendship on here - wheeeeeeee! ((((((((kitty hugs))))))

  3. Humphrey, be honest. You DID put that lint on Roger's back I think.

    1. MOL, shhhhhhhh dun tell him, but yesh I did! Thish ish sho catastic yew guys ish here now - wheeeee!

  4. I tolds Roger that Paddington Bear did it - yew can see him behind me layin' on the bed, staring up at the ceiling all innocently. He went along with it and kept my secret, so Roger kind of believed he did it MOL!