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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Weekend, Furriends!

Roger Bleu here, I'll be PURRsuing one of my favorite pastimes - the PURRsuit of great literature, sipping suPURRb catnip tea and hanging out with friends this weekend.  My little furiends are furry helpful because their tails make fabulous bookmarks!  We still haven't figured out how to add a "follow" badge to our page, and I'll be studying about that this weekend - eesh, our human is furry challenged aPURRently.  We've been adding our furriends to our reading lists on here, and that works PURRfectly, without a "follow" badge.

Humphrey Haunted here, and I ish going to be imPURRooving my orinthology skills wif furriends, close up and furry PURRsonal.  I hopes whateFUR yew does, yew hash a wunnerful weekend!  I finks there ish going to be some big game thish weekend involving humans running around fighting oFUR a funny shaped ball on that big moving picture thingy in dah living room, but my family ishn't into human sPURRts so we dun knows much about that.   Keep an eye out though, because I finks humans that watches those games usually hash shome furry tasty treats around during that, and sometimes they drops them accidentally on dah floor when the game gets exciting fur them, so be swift and grab those beFUR they notices, yesh!

What ish efurrypawdy up to thish weekend?


  1. First off, I wish I could help ya with the follow button but that doggie Whitley made me the code. She has sum blogger help on her page
    There's a tab to click on. But maybe ya knew all that anyways.
    As for me this weekend? I'll be here. Maybe Daddy will take me and Tux on a walk. We can go 'long the river (the Snake), it's real close to My place. And of course there will probly be sum yarn involved sumtime. Gah!
    I think they are gonna go shoppin at the Costco store, gotta drive for that. They always eat sumplace and nefur bring home any doggie bags. :-/
    Have a super duper weekend both of ya kitty cat pals and yur survant too! Bol!

  2. Yew knows Zoe, thish ish how unintelligent our human ish; Whitley mades ush a nice followin' button and everythin' and sended ush dah code and efurrything, but even though Meowmy knows Catster and Dogster codes, and old myspace ones and Fumblr ones, she cannot seem to get it to work. It'sh pathetic, fur reals. *shreds scratching post angrily* Yer weekend sounds furrry, furry nice - ish yew going to go fur a car ride with the 'rents? I knows doggies likes dose - they scares me to death because it always means we ish going to see dah White Coat. I dun unnerstand why yer pawrents bothers to go out to eat if they dun brings home any doggy bags?! Yew serrrrriously needs to bark wif them about dat - it's not only wrong, it'sh ROOD!

    1. Yuck, I do not like to go fur rides. The onlyest places I go are to the groomer/torturer or to the vet. I did go to the dump place once with Daddy. He let me drive. That wasn't so bad.
      Hmm, if ya already got the code, I maybe could help ya. Let me sniff 'round my stuff. I dint know you already had the code. Maybe between you and me, lets jus' leave your Mom outta it, we'll get it figgured out.

    2. Oh I ish sho glad to hear dat because it'sh one thing I dun gets about doggies - most of yew guys love dah car rides and PURRsonally, I cannot relate, no no no nopers nope! Dat musta been kewl to drive yerself though - does yew have any pictures of dat? Yesh, *sigh* Whitley mades ush our own follow thingy and sended ush the code and instructions and efurrything and Meowmy ruined all of dat by not being able to do it right - eeesh! Dat would be catastic if yew could help ush - yew rawks, Zoe!

    3. Nope, no piccies uf me drivin. An' Mommy axfurly thought the house was Too quiet without me givin my evfurry 5 seconds warnin barks. Bol!
      Hey, I sended you a Catster pmail for 'bout the Follow button thingy.

    4. I can't believes your humans didn't get any pictures of dat - eesh, next time yer Dad has to do dat! Yesh, of course it wash too quiet at home wifout yew, yer Mom wash totally right about dat. Fank yew, I'll to claw Meowmy offa her gazillion Fumblr blogs so I can log into our FURmer home - fank yew, Zoe - yew ish thee bestest!

  3. Crikey Humphrey and Roger ... My Mum's got no idea on those computer things and had a real hard time working out how to do the bloggy thing but she managed to follow you without a follow button. Fancy both of us, Humphrey Lee Haunted, being named after a movie star!!!! I like your last name better than mine though!!!! I wouldn't be putting mine up on my site for all to see.

  4. Hi Charlie! That ish furry much fun to share the Bogie namin' thing wif yew, I ish honored to meet yew! My last name ish "Haunted" because I was born in a famous cemetery, but dun worry, because I ish not scary.
    Yer Mom ish doing a great job wif yer blawg, and we ish PURRoud of her - we knows how hard it ish fur dah humans to get the hang of new things but won't it be nice to be on a site that ish not going to be taken away from ush, and we can meow and bark freely?! We ish lookin' furwards to it, and gettin' to know nice new furriends like yew!

  5. Found and following you my Friends !!

    Flicka ∆,,∆ & Lucas /..| Cleo (I.M.) ∆,,∆ & Pam X

  6. Oh thish ish sho exciting, wheeeeeee! We ish sho glad to see yew here and dere ish lotsa nice doggy refugees here from Dogster I finks yew already knows too. (((((hugs)))) *waving paws*

  7. Hi, Humphwey!! It snowed here (SW Ontario, Canada) pwactikawwy all weekend! I helbed my Dadda uze da snow bwower-fing. BOL! Nod weally - it r tu NOIZEE fur me!

  8. Oh gosh Zaidie, shnow sounds like fun to me - we dun has any of dat in Southern CaliFURnia - our weather ish always kind of boring! I ish totally wif yew about noisey fings - we hash gardnerers here that use dah blowy fings on leaves and fings and I always goes to my office (the hall closet) and waits fur dem to leave so I can go back to my nice peaceful birdy and squirrel watchin' from dah window. Humans can be so rood! I hope yew ish sthayin' nice and warm, Zaidie - does yer pawrents make yew wear shweaters when yew goes outshide??