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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless (Meowless) Wednesday


  1. Hold on, I thought Mr. R.B. was top cat. How'd you snag that lil mousie so easy?

  2. Thish wash when I wash little and shtill a kitten, and I gots away wif a few things back then, but ash shoon as I growed up and became twice hish size (*whisPURRing* I ish huge now and weighs 22 lbs), he put his paw down and announced hish Top Cat-ness. I ish going to be blawgging soon about how to gets yer own way in yer home using non violent, peaceful and loving ways - wif illustrations - in a furry Ghandi-like way, so PURRlease stay tuned fur that in dah near future. I loves yew, Zoe! *happy purrs* - Humphrey Lee

    1. 22 pounds??? Dat's my goal!!


    2. Yew knows, I finks that might sound like I ish fat, but the White Coat told me and Meowmy I ish dah PURRfect weight fur my size, because I ish furry, furry tall and has super duper long leggies. I hopes yew grows up to be a big, big boy like I ish - it'sh fun to be huge and it makes it hard fur our Meowmies to get ush into dose horrible porta-prisons that dey takes ush in to see the White Coats. Dat ish a huge plus, MOL! Keep eatin' and yew might try lotsa stretchin' too - if yew hash huge footsies too, dat ish a good sign yew ish going to be a big boy!