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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Hash A Space Ship, Yeppers!

The other day shomething furry peculiar aPURRed at our house - it wash furry disturbing......

What ish thish.........

I just dun noes.......

Heddo heddo, ish there any aliens in here, ish anypawdy home......??

I claims it ash mine now, yeppers!  It'sh sho comfy and snuggly and nice in here. One shmall step fur a cat, one giant leap fur all of cat-kind! I gots tuna sammiches and catnip cupcakes on board, who wants to explore outer space wif me and eat some of that yummy cheese they says the Moon ish made of?  We can get away from our hoomans fur awhile and escape all dat craziness goin' on at Catster and Dogster now.  I gots room fur lotsa more of yew in here wif me.....


  1. You said ya got foodz? I's there!


    1. I gotsa lots and lots of food all packed fur our Moon trip and tuna sammiches wif nip in them too - I beed so happy to share wif yew, Travis - what about yer sisfur, we ish not prejudiced against girrls - they can be catronauts too! Does yew have one of these spaceship thingies at yer house too? maybe we can fly up dere in a fleet of spaceships - that would be dah kewlest!

  2. We used to have one of those space ship dealies too. Sum fur used it for a potty box.
    I am not pointin any paws, we gots 3 furs inside that coulda dun it.

    Hey, could you give my Mommy your Mommy's tumblr site, please? She wants to take a look. Thanks!

  3. Hi Zoey - oh PURRLease join me fur our Moon trip - I gots lotsa sammiches fur ush, and I knows all doggies likes those. I ish shorry to hear 'bout what happened to yer spaceship, that ish just not right and nothing like that eFUR happens at our house because we ish refined gentlemen kittehs. Yesh, I send it to yew on Dawgster - but we fur sure dun wants Meowmy on here wif ush - hoomans ish so bothershome at times!