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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smoking Ish Wrong, Yesh But Sometimes Yew Just Gots To

So today Meowmy tried to save all my photos from Catster/Disaster (the site ish going to be erased on March 3rd *hissss*) and yew knows what?  So fur, even though I hash 100 on there, they ish all locked down and we can't get them - so that hash driven me into Bogie mode and yew knows, I finks he would aPURRoove, I really does.  Being on the internet can be so stressful fur a kitty! So today I ish wearing my fedora and PURRtending to be a tough guy.

I ish just PURRtending to smoke, it'sh a candy/catnip cigarette - shhhhh dun tells anyone.......I hash lots more if anypawdy would like to join me.  =^..^=


  1. Sorry Humphrey, smokin is bad for ya. No to even the candy kinds.
    But will join ya in watchin Mr. Bogart in a movie. Howz 'bout Casablanca? Or maybe The Petrified Forest? He was a real tough bad guy in that one.

    1. Oh yeppers yeppers yesh yesh I knows, I knows, that's why I meowed that it ish just a candy/catnip ciggie - shhhhh dun tells anyone MOL! Oh yesh yesh, Meowmy hash a Tumblr blog all about dah Film Noir and we loves Mr. Bogart - how about "The Big Sleep" (something me and my brofur does efurry day and we does it furry well too!), or "To Have or Have Not" which the furst part of dah title ish catastic but the second part ish terrible, when it comes to my tuna. Join me in a candy cigarette Zoe, just dun eats it - I knows how yew doggies ish about eating efurrything - my angel sisfur Greta once even ate part of our couch.......

    2. Yeah, you kitty cats leave sum yummy Almond Roca things downstairs at My place. I don't get to nab any very often. *boo* Us dogs clean up what we can, jus' tryin to be helpful, ya know.
      Argh, don't get my Mommy started on those ol' B&W movies. She loves that lil dancey thing Miss Bacall does at the end of To Have and Have Not.

    3. *cringe* Oh Zoe, dear dear me.......We loves dah old moovies at our house and we gots the walls coFURed in old movie stills and posters, Meowmy gots hunnerds of old movie books and dvds and she hash a Tumblr blawgity blawg where she posts all the gifs she makes from dah old moovies - it'sh just as crazee ash her knitting thing and yew knows how bad dat ish MOL!

  2. doodz...noe way...waddya meen they got yur photoz on lock down...seer ee iz lee ....

    pea N ess...pleez ta add "follow box" on yur side bar sew we noe when ya rited sum more stuffz :)

    we will bee by for sum smokes....we loves a primo nip cigar !!:)

  3. Heddo heddo Tabbies 'O Trout Town - we ish sho happy to meet yew and Timo and Mietzi ish our good furriends and they meow about yew guys all the time - we ish following yew, yeppers yesh yesh of course we ish, and yer blog ish catastic! We hash tried to add the box on our side bar but we dun knows how yet *hissssss* Yeppers, dah Disaster-Dat-Is-Catster hash 90 of my photos in lock-down because dah site ish falling aPURRt and we gots Roger's offa dere but so fur they can't seem to unlock mine and I ish handshome so thish ish just so wrong! *hands out nip ciggies to his new friends" Let'sh have a smoke-out!

  4. We hope your photos are no longer in lock-down.
    Maybe you can smoke him out with the Nip Cigars!
    Photos held hostage is not purr-ty

  5. We finally gots dem out wif some help from dah lady at HQ, who when we loses our site, ish going to be losing her job because SLAY Media ish such a lovely company, NOT - but yesh fank yew guys, she unlocked dem fur me and Meowmy gots dem all now - I hope yew ish all stayin' warm up dere in Canada and lookin' furwards to Valentine's Day!